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DUBAi, here we come!


BUG is a 100% independant, branding & corporate communication agency
born in 2000 in London, 2003 in Paris, now explores Dubaï as is new field.


IN OUR GENES,Excentricity

Established in London in 2000 and based in Paris since 2003, Bug is an agency which, from the beginning, has principles...

Our team of 20 people with a strong bicultural background, specialist of ruptural context.


_Branding and brand strategy

  • - Innovation strategy (top management workshops)
  • - Brand audit and strategy and positioning (workshop)
  • - Naming and brand identity
  • - Brand story telling

_External communications

  • - Communications strategy
  • - Design and delivery of communications tools (media, print, digital, video, …)
  • - Content strategy (copy-writting, community management, editorial guideline)
  • - Media strategy (TV, print, digital)
  • - Corporate events (inc. hackathons)

_Internal communications

  • - Communications strategy
  • - Design and delivery of communications tools (media, print, digital, video, …)
  • - Content strategy (copy-writting, community management, editorial guidelines)
  • - Implementation strategy (TV, print, digital)
  • - Corporate and top management sessions (inc. moderation)

Some of our references


And turns into a concept

It's time for the traditional branding's rules to evolve towards more flexibility to help brands to adapt more easily to changes: being unpredictable is being remembered

At Bug, we're not afraid to say that consistency doesn't mean repetition.

A 360 approach of brands from the start

_An open creative hub

we do not like to specialize in anything as we believe creative thinking is about being open minded.

_A global approach

adopting the anglo-saxon agency culture, our strategic and creative teams come from different backgrounds and are familiarized with various disciplines.

_We like to deal with complex and global issues

...which demand brain agility.

A way to involve everyone on complex projects

_Whenever relevant, we are comfortable and keen on running Workshops

Our methodology combines mind-broad urther.

_In addition we may use some of the creative tools we’ve invented to boost strategic thinking with our clients – very useful when we strive for innovation

On innovation projects, specifically, we team up with experts such as le NUMA in Paris to develop various stimulating environments and techniques



Another principle that fits to our philosophy.

After 2 decades of «gourmet evolution»... It's time to take the digital world out of this obesity race and ensure that environmental concerns are at the heart of UX issues and technical developments.


__In 20 years, the weight of a web page has multiplied by 115.

However, we do not reserve a train ticket 115 times faster.

__In 2018, the digital consumption represents 608 millions of tonnes of carbon equivalent, and about 8.8 billion m3 of water.

At the individual level, this overweight does not seem to weigh heavily in the balance. But taken as a whole, his footprint is colossal.

At Bug, we brought together all the experts to enable us to lead the projet of “making digital greener” (designer, developer, web host company, web-marketer). All these profiles participated in devising an offer allowing you to design and develop lighter websites.



  • _L'oréal
  • _NAOS
  • _SIAL
  • _AccorInvest
  • _AXA
  • _Nestlé
  • _Total
  • _LVMH
  • _Regent Park
  • _Carrefour
  • _Ecobiology Summit


Internal Communication

How to communicate with employees on the launch of a program to modernize their digital work environment imposed on them?

The agency proposed a concept that values the benefits of the proposed solutions rather than a simple description, to encourage their adoption and a good understanding of the underlying issues of increased mobility and collective efficiency...

The results: an idea very well received by all the campuses of the group.



Strategy/Visual branding

At the origin of the brands Bioderma, Institut Esthederm and Etat Pur, NAOS wants to emerge as a philosophical, scientific and cultural base.

The agency proposes a disruptive strategy of "movement brand ". An identity and a semantic language are developed to embody a unique, meaningful and inspiring approach. Identity privileges humility, the finesse of codes and the force of words.

The results: Deployment abroad and 1st incarnation on pack to call out its approach.



International communication

Design of the new international communication campaign for the SIAL Group in Paris and 6 other countries. The concept "Look Deeper" shows the brand's avant-garde ambition.

The key visual combines the impact of the monochrome background and the declination of the fruits according to the countries. Deployment of an online and offline campaign.

The results: membership of the subsidiaries at 100%. Commercial results up 10%. Attendance up: Canada + 17%, China + 25% Campaign membership for Canada: + 80% for visitors and exhibitors







The agency is questionned to create a strategic positioning and a visual identity to market a new real estate complex.

Creation of a visual indentity with an unexpected concept of invisibility. Identity is thought for different materials, volumes and architectures for all areas of real estate.




A real novelty in nestlé's professional chef range: the addition of a premium liquid base segment of premium sauces to a range traditionally composed of powders and flakes.

Creation of a visual territory that takes into account the codes of high-end packaging, while remaining consistent with the other products of the brand and maintaining the professional spirit.

The results: a successful European launch for the Liquid Chef range and a new packaging welcomed with.



Incentive communication

Go further to enhance the catalog support. Inspired by 'home' and decoration ambiances to facilitate ownership and bring a 'trendy' touch to the products . Inventing declinations mailings and web mechanical.

The results: Creative declinations for other subsidiaries of the Total group, a 10% increase in the number of gifts compared to the previous year.




Increase the effectiveness of the branding system of the Estates & Wines brand (quality foreign wines).

Repositioning of the umbrella brand, creation of a symbolic 'textures and colors' language of each wine territory, zoom on a detail that tells the specificity of the terroir. Color prioritization.

Segmentation and clarification of the visual identity, application of travel retail applications (airports) and development of a merchandising charter.

The results: reflects the basic idea of an extremely qualitative selection of wines.


Regents Park

Branding & Packaging

A real restart: a brand of very traditional English products (tea, marmalades, muffins, scones, etc.), to an English brand that assumes a very modern attitude brit.

Creation of a 'real' English brand who plays on eccentricity and English humor, through its offbeat photos, its very pop graphics, and its little stories on the back ... everything but the classic packaging codes.

The results: a great success, an explosion of SEO and the launch of a range of teas 'top of the line'.

3 international awards :



Branding & Packaging

The challenge: to provide point of references for casual consumers in the face of multiple labels, simplifying the choice by highlighting the AOC quality.

Creation by Carrefour of a new cross brand: 'The cellar of Augustin Florent'. A creation based on authenticity,where we find the main codes of wine industry that are meant to be reassuring, while introducing a sophisticated identity to bring nobility to the range.

The results: a strong increase of sales.


Ecobiology Summit

Visual identity/Communication

At the origin of the brands Bioderma, Institut Esthederm and Etat Pur, the company NAOS participates in the setting up of a Summit to bring out its approach based on ecobiology...

The agency accompanies the launch of this new scientific approach through a graphic universe embodying the infinite and a signature reflecting the mission of this new approach and its link between the human and its environment...

The results: More than 40 press releases abroad and a live tweet strongly followed and shared.




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